Manjico Industries Limited was registered in 2018 as a 100% Kenyan-owned, private limited company.

Decades of culinary passion, rooted generation upon generation led to the conception of Manjico Industries Limited. We didn't just set out to create products of superior flavour and quality, we set out to rival and surpass industry-leading brands with products that truly enrich the lives of individuals and families.


The MANJICO INDUSTRIES LOGO purposefully encapsulates the MANJICO vision - A strong, bold logo embodies our commitment towards World-class products, for your taste-buds.

Manjico Industries Limited is run by Founder & Managing Director - Wasimkhan Manji. A snack lover and well-versed entrepreneur with a dedication towards producing high quality products at superior value - through investments in knowledge, resources, training and innovations. 

Our vision is centred towards delivering delicious products for all consumers at every price bracket. We proudly call ourselves ‘snack lovers’ and each day at our factory is another opportunity to serve you - through mouth-watering snacks, lovable packaging and great great taste!


The company is wholly Kenyan-owned and supports the local economy through hiring & training of local workers, investments in key technologies & the development of world-class products for Kenya and Beyond. 

Our factory off Nairobi-Nakuru factory is purpose built for snacks and we strive to uphold the highest in hygiene and safety standard protocols. Discover Manjico products at supermarkets and other retail outlets in your neighbourhood.

Cheeky Treetz is our home grown, amazing brand of snacks that spans three product ranges.

Cheeky Treetz®️Popcorn

Cheeky Treetz®️Real Potato Crisps

Cheeky Treetz®️Corn Puffs

 We pride ourselves in having some of the most lovable packaging designs on the planet! Cheeky Treetz is 100% delicious, 100% awesome and 100% Kenyan.