Manjico Industries Limited is a privately held, Kenyan family-owned business that upholds the following values which we believe are crucial to the success of any family and subsequently - Business.


Uphold the truth always. Ways of deception only lead to distrust and deterioration in work


Always do your best work. Treat your work like your own baby, it needs to be nurtured in order for it to progress into so much more.


Give your all. Rise to the task and excel through focus, determination and strong will.


Care for your colleagues. Your work family. Be kind to others to receive the same in return.


Time is vital. We don’t have much of it. Always ensure you conduct your work day in a manner that cherishes every minute. Work hard, but work efficiently.


Speak to others in a manner in which you wish to be spoken with. Words mean everything, they must be chosen carefully. Respect in the work place leads to a happier workforce and in turn a greater overall productivity.