CHEEKY TREETZ®️ Is a registered trademark of Manjico Industries Limited. It embodies the slogan ; TUSHEREKEE PAMOJA - A Swahili term meaning ‘Let us Celebrate, Revel Together’..

In turbulent times, In times of distress, In moments of happiness or In moments of grief - If we come together, with our knowledge, ideas, hope & faith - We can overcome anything. 

CHEEKY TREETZ®️ is our premium range of snacks, carefully created and packaged to ensure ultimate quality for all snack lovers! The brand range currently spans three different product ranges namely :

- Air-popped Popcorn

- Baked Corn Puffs

- Delightful Full-Flavour Potato Crisps

CHEEKY TREETZ®️ , through its exciting packaging and delicious products, encouragesus to share more, learn more and prosper - Pamoja.




Pebble Crunch®️  is a registered trademark of Manjico Industries Limited. We designed and formulated Pebble to embody our slogan - 'ULTIMATE VALUE SNACK'. With Pebble Crunch, Manjico Industries is able to deliver on our promise - Providing world-class products at real price value for Kenyans and beyond!